Effortlessly Visualize and Analyze Your Data with Our Platform
Visualize the markets and analyze your data with the advanced TradingView platform
Deep technical and fundamental analysis, get maximum results with TradingView.
The charts and graphs provided by the Tradingview platform are the most accurate and detailed. In it, you can choose the variant of the image in the form of Japanese candlesticks, while many trading platforms have only a line chart, which does not give the fullness of the entire market picture.
In addition, the Tradingview live chart differs in the fact that you can view the history of quotes, for example, for 1 hour ago. Thus, you can understand how the price behaved earlier in order to more accurately predict the quotes behavior in the future. And the chart can also be scaled - to zoom in and out, which is also important for understanding the general market trend.

Various technical indicators can be applied to the Tradingview chart, such as Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, Stochastic. If you have an account at tradingview com, you can also get additional analysis features - combine templates of several trading indicators.
Take advantage of the most flexible and convenient live charts on the Trading View platform - Trading View live charts
The chart of the Trading View app can be called really "live", because the trader can make notes and set his own markers in real time on the drawing panel. For example, you can draw price corridors, mark the price at which you opened a buy option or a sell trade to analyze the effectiveness of your trading strategy. The Tradingview chart also has a text editor where you can write comments. This is something like an online diary that is recommended for every trader to keep. Just imagine how convenient it is: you don't need to download any additional programs, everything is at your fingertips. You open a trade, make notes on it, comment on your actions (for example, indicate what signal you entered the market on) - and you have already done a professional job. After closing a position, you will be able to see what caused its success or failure and, if necessary, you can immediately adjust your trading system.

Tradingview live chart can be used in different versions. For example, there is a simplified version, a full version with and without registration, and an advanced version.
Unlock access to TradingView's comprehensive analysis tools by registering on the platform
It is best to use the version with registration, as you will get access to all the features of this service. For example, you will be able to save all notes and comments on the chart, as well as customize individual templates. In the full version you will have access to the largest number of scripts and technical indicators, and you will also have a unique opportunity to use analytics of other users and apply the ideas of more experienced traders in your trading. After registration tradingview chart gives you access to the economic calendar, general and private chats of traders.

Registering with Tradingview is very easy. Go to the official website of the developer and click on the free registration button, it is called "Join for free". There is also a button for paid subscription next to it, but you can ignore this offer. However, if you have free 10-20 dollars and you want to get advanced trading opportunities, you can buy a paid account with additional features. For example, the ability to open several charts in one window and install an unlimited number of indicators. There are also exotic types of charts - crosses and Renko, and you can choose any timeframes - even 4 minutes, even 9 hours.
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